Woodland Walk

Walking along the numerous paths that weave and wind through the forest you’ll always see or hear something new. The forest has a distinct plantation of Aspen at the high end, with beautiful bark and rustling leaves. At the lower end can be found more Pine trees, Japanese Larch, Alder, Oak and Wild Cherry (known as Gean). Different trees attract different birds and it is not uncommon to be able to spot over a dozen species in just one stroll along the paths. It’s also a great way to meet other visitors to the Park as they take their dogs for a walk. Sunset or sunrise, the views will continually amaze and astound you.

Located at the eastern edge of the Park, Nethercraig has its very own 21-acre Woodland Walk with a wide variety of trees and wildlife for the visitor to enjoy.

Scotland’s largest Caravan and Camping Show occurs annually at the SECC, timed to coincide with the time of the year when most Parks and Centres are closed for up to a month. This year’s show saw our stand located within the large Victory Leisure Homes stand and we were delighted with the high numbers visiting the stand and the show, regardless of the weather outside! It just goes to show that there’s no such thing as bad weather, it’s just the wrong clothes!

Big things are expected for the 2016 show, as so many more families decide to stay at home more and enjoy the countryside of Scotland and the UK in general. Nethercraig is very fortunate that it has facilities for all the family within a very short distance; all types of sports from golf to fishing and equestrian to hang-gliding can be found close-by, with historical castles and abbeys dotted all around; you’re not too far from Royal Deeside either if you go via Glenshee! Have a look at the flyer we were handing out at the SECC Show - you might get some more ideas from within it!

This time of year brings around the largest show in Scotland for Holiday Parks and all things Caravan and Camping at the SECC in Glasgow.

Indigenous wildlife

Scotland’s best on show

A wide variety of wildlife can be found in and around the Woodland Walk. Why not print off the A3 Birds and Trees of Nethercraig poster and tick those that you have seen?

May and Chris at the SECC Caravan and Camping Show.

Industry show - SECC 
Poster NCHP Flyer